BA Econ (Hons), MSc, GDL

Amanda Dewinter is author of The Success Code, published by HQ, Harper Collins in January 2021. She is an executive success coach and has had an extensive career in marketing, working for blue-chip brands in both the media at BSkyB, launching The Movie Channel, and The Daily Telegraph, launching an international newspaper, and in retail.

She is a social scientist and dedicated life-long learner with a degree in Economic and Social Sciences from the University of Manchester, a master’s degree in Life Course Development from Birkbeck, University of London and a Graduate Diploma in Law from London law school, BPP.

Amanda is passionate about the helping young people find opportunities to succeed and achieve their full potential and has been a school governor for over twenty years in both primary and secondary schools; she is now Chair of Governors at a large all-through state school in London.

Amanda’s philosophy

  • We are all naturally curious and have a thirst for knowledge. Rather than quashing this, nurture and foster it.
  • You benefit from learning throughout your life, not just at school; it is the key to greater freedom, more opportunities and wider choices.
  • You are capable of much more than you give yourself credit for and it’s through learning that you can tap into and expand your potential and greatness.
  • The only thing holding you back from achieving greatness and feeling empowered is the right support, effort and the opportunity to learn.
  • If you’re not happy with life, keep doing the same thing and nothing will change; learn something new and it will.
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